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Planning a trip with your pet?


FlyGR8 offers a range of travel options for your pets. Depending on their breed and size, they can either travel in the cabin with you or be transported in the aircraft hold.

For Traveling with Pets service fees please refer to our Table of Charges 



Each passenger is allowed to travel with one (1) pet, under their responsibility. The transportation of animals in cabin and/or in cargo hold is subject to governmental regulations concerning import/export and transit of live animals.


The passenger shall assume the responsibility to provide all necessary documents, such as pet passport, ID microchip, export / import permits and health and/or vaccination certificates. Flygr8 cannot be held responsible if an animal is refused entry into or transit through any country.


We request passengers traveling with Pets to notify us in advance, preferably on the same day as booking. The animal must be accompanied by their owner and the following conditions apply:

  • The animal must be clean, healthy, odorless and harmless;

  • Females may not be pregnant;

  • Service must be booked in advance.

FlyGR8 does not transport unaccompanied animals, domestic animals of unusual size or nature and wild animals.

Pets in Cabin

Dogs and cats can be carried in the aircraft cabin, under the following conditions:

  • The pet must be in a suitable, soft-sided, leak-proof, lockable cage, provided by the passenger, with dimensions not larger than 55cm in length, 40cm in height and 23cm in width to fit the space under the seat; The passenger must always keep the container on the aircraft floor and ensure the pet is kept in its container throughout the entire flight;

  • The pet must be accompanied by his owner and be minimum 105 days old;

  • The container plus the pet must weigh up to 8kg;

Passengers travelling with an infant are not allowed to travel with a pet in cabin as well.

Animals in aircraft hold

FlyGR8 accepts larger dogs, exceeding the 8kg weight limit, for transportation in the baggage hold compartment of the aircraft. The following requirements apply:

  • Animal shall be carried in a suitable container, provided by the passenger, during the whole flight; the container must meet the following requirements:

  • The total weight of the animal along with its container should not exceed fifty (50) kilos.

  • The container should be large enough for the animal to stand upright, turn and lie down in a natural manner.

  • It should be clean, odourless, leak-proof, escape-proof (door lock) and claw-proof.

  • The owner should ensure that the animal has enough food and water for the duration of the flight.

  • Food and drink containers must be covered, to avoid spills.

  • The container must fit for air transportation and handling (feeding, watering, cleaning).

  • It should be adequately ventilated on at least 3 sides.

  • The owner should remove any wheels, for the container to be properly secured in the aircraft hold.

  • Only dogs considered to be personal pets are permitted for carriage.

  • Animals must be considered non-offensive and not dangerous to passengers and airport staff.

All other animals, including reptiles and animals intended for laboratory and scientific purposes shall not be accepted.

Service Animals

Guide/assistance dogs are carried by air free of charge. Passengers traveling with a guide/assistance dog must carry a valid Pets Passport or third country official veterinary certificate (plus required medical documentation) on all EU/EEA flights. The following requirements apply:

  • A guide/assistance dog must be trained to perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability (physical, sensory or psychiatric) and passenger must provide certificate of training course and required documentation;

  • The guide/assistance dog shall wear a leash, muzzle and standard identifying jacket or harness throughout the journey;

  • Guide/assistance dogs travel in the aircraft cabin and must sit on the floor at the passenger's feet.

  • Immediately after booking, the passenger must inform their Travel Agent and FlyGR8 of his intention to travel with a guide/assistance dog and arrive at the airport to check-in 2 hours before the scheduled departure time.

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