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Sports/special equipment and musical instruments may be carried as cabin and/or checked baggage.


Baggage containing sports equipment (such as windsurfing or boogie board, golf equipment, skiing equipment, kite surfing equipment, scuba diving equipment, bicycles and others) is accepted for carriage, subject to the payment of additional fees  (insert link to Table of Charges) and the appropriate packaging to prevent damage. The passenger must inform FlyGR8 at least 48 hours prior to departure when such items’ size exceeds 158 linear cm.



Musical Instruments may be permitted as registered or cabin baggage, subject to the payment of additional fees  and provided they are carried in a secure hard case. Passenger must inform FlyGR8 on carriage of such items at least 5 working days prior to the departure.


The following requirements apply:


  • •When a stringed instrument is transported by air, it is exposed to dramatic changes in temperature and pressure, which can cause its head stock to crack or snap off. To prevent possible damage, it is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that the strings are loosened so that the tension is reduced.

  • •If the musical instrument is carried as registered baggage, the passenger will be asked to sign a Limited Release Form when they check in, agreeing that the musical instrument is being carried entirely at his/her own risk.


If the passenger wishes to take the instrument with them into the cabin of the aircraft, it will be counted as hand baggage. Its dimensions must not exceed 56 cm in length x 45 cm in height x 25 cm in width, and it must not weigh more than 8 kg.


If the musical instrument exceeds the cabin baggage limits and the passenger wishes to carry it with them in the cabin, a pre-booked extra seat must exist on the same booking. The charges  for the extra seat  are paid at the airport of departure during check-in and no taxes are charged.  

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