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Our main priority is to provide an excellent service to all our passengers. For this reason, we offer all the services that are essential for you to safely board the aircraft and have a comfortable flight.

Passengers who need special help and care, are requested to inform their travel agent and FlyGR8 about that fact at the time of booking.

For detailed information please refer to our General Terms and Conditions of Carriage. 




The following information is intended for passengers whose mobility is reduced due to physical disability, intellectual impairment, age or any other cause of disability, and whose situation needs special attention and adaptation of the services available to all passengers to their particular needs.

Special care passengers are requested to inform us if any assistance, including wheelchair service, is needed during check-in, boarding or disembarking the aircraft, at the time of booking or at least 48 hours before departure.

Special care passengers need to be accompanied by a private escort, if they are not able to:


  • Fasten their seat belt by themselves,


  • Eat by themselves, or


  • Help themselves in the toilet.


For passengers requiring special care the following rules of the carriage apply:

  • For reasons of safety, passengers who need special care may not take seats near emergency exits.

  • Special care passengers, including their mobility aids, are subject to security control. We therefore request they check in for their flight not later than 120 minutes (2 hours) before departure.

  • Special care passengers can transport mobility aids and wheelchairs in the cargo hold free of charge (up to two items). Battery-powered electric wheelchairs are not allowed on board when they are equipped with lead-acid batteries.

  • FlyGR8 can transport up to 4 unaccompanied wheeled passengers in any single flight. For carriage of bigger groups of wheeled passengers, please contact us in advance.

  • Special care passengers can travel with their certified guide dogs in the passenger cabin. For further details please refer to Traveling with Pets.




If oxygen needs to be administered during a flight to a special care passenger, please notify us at the time of booking, and at least 5 working days before departure, so that we can provide precise guidelines for the procedures to be followed.


The relevant forms must first be completed by the doctors who are treating the passenger, certifying that he or she is fit to fly.


A sample form can be downloaded here (insert form link)


In addition, since the oxygen cylinder that will be used has to be suitable for use on aircraft, it must be accompanied by the corresponding documentation certifying its suitability for use during the journey.


Women up to the 32nd week of pregnancy and without any complications, can travel with the consent of their attending physician without the necessity to have a certificate.


Nevertheless, we recommend that such a certificate (in the mother tongue and in English) should be held by women after the 28th week of pregnancy, stating that there are no complications in pregnancy course and no contraindications for air travel.

Women with single pregnancy between the 32nd and 36th week can only travel if a doctor has provided a special form (MEDIF) in their mother tongue and in English.


A sample form can be downloaded here (insert form link)

For safety reasons, women with single pregnancy over 36 weeks and 32 weeks of multiple pregnancy are not accepted for transportation.


Passengers suffering from severe allergies, which may lead to anaphylactic reaction, are requested to report allergy information no later than 5 working days before the time of departure and provide a certificate stating that there are no contraindications to travel, by completing and holding the relevant form (MEDIF) in the mother tongue and in English.


A sample form can be downloaded here (insert form link)

If, for any reason, we are unable to provide an allergen-free environment in the aircraft cabin and to ensure that passenger’s safety, we must refuse transportation.


Passengers with severe allergies who are under 16 years of age cannot travel unattended. Passengers with allergies are advised to carry easily accessible on-the-fly medication or other allergy protection means and a written emergency plan in their Cabin Baggage.


Medical clearance (doctor’s consent) and the completion of the relevant form (MEDIF) is necessary for the following categories of passengers.


A sample form can be downloaded here (insert form link):

  • those traveling after surgery;

  • those suffering from any disease considered contagious or infectious;

  • those requiring medical care, extra oxygen for breathing (only if manufacturer states that the oxygen apparatus is cabin approved) and other specialized (medical) equipment during the flight;

  • women over 32 weeks of pregnancy;


  • those whose behavior or mental condition prevents their travel without additional care;


  • passengers whose health or behavior poses potential threat to other passengers;


  • passengers whose health condition could be aggravated by air travel;


  • passengers with stiffened limbs;


  • newborns up to 7 days of age.

FlyGR8 does not transport passengers on stretcher.Passengers requiring medical clearance for air travel must be accompanied by private escorts and booking requests should be made at least 5 working days before departure.

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