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If the damage to your checked baggage can be immediately ascertained (broken, torn etc.) upon your arrival at the destination airport, you must, at the same time and before leaving the arrivals area, declare it to the airport Lost and Found Office, having with you the following:

  • The damaged baggage

  • The baggage tag

  • Your Identification Card or Passport

  • Your boarding pass

If the damage cannot be ascertained immediately, please contact Customer Service within seven (7) days upon your arrival at the destination airport and report the incident, having attached the below documents:

  • The bag’s payment receipt

  • The baggage tag

Please note that in this case sufficient evidence must be provided that the damage occurred whilst under the care of FLYGR8. Otherwise, any damage declared after the passenger has left the baggage claims area shall not be considered by the company.

As soon as your case’s assessment is completed, one of the following options will be offered: Repair of the damaged bag or compensation according to the damage.

If the damage is beyond repair, your bag’s current value will be calculated based on the payment receipt and you will receive a compensation based on this value. If the payment receipt is not available, the evaluation of the compensation will be done by FLYGR8 or on behalf of FLYGR8 by our cooperating companies


You may always obtain insurance coverage through your Insurance Company prior to your travel.

Restrictions & exceptions:

Normal wear-and-tear increases over the useful life of any property. FLYGR8 is not liable for normal wear and tear such as scratches, dents, including zipper drivers, or the damage and loss of items attached to the bag (e.g. sleeping bags or mats, external locks). We trust you understand that we shall have no liability for this type of damage including but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing defects

  • Damage due to overfilled bags or unsuitable packing

  • Damage occurred as a result of accidents/ mistakes of passengers

  • Lost, broken or damaged feet / wheels

  • Lost, broken or damaged handles / retractable handles or straps

  • Items of a fragile or perishable nature

  • Musical instruments and any other special baggage which was accepted for carriage by the carrier.

  • Unchecked Baggage & Items

FLYGR8 is not liable for damaged, forgotten or lost personal items from passengers’ carry on. If you have left an item on board, please contact the Lost and Found Office of your flight's arrival airport. If found, you may either personally pick it up or you may authorize someone to pick it up for you. All found items are stored for a period of three (3) months.


FLYGR8 sincerely regrets that your baggage has been delayed and we would like to assure you that we will make every effort to return your baggage to you as soon as possible.

Certain events, such as adverse weather conditions, technical problems with baggage handling or a baggage label being torn off, can potentially lead to items of baggage being damaged or not arriving at the destination airport at the same time as the passenger.

We trust that the following information will answer any questions you have:

a. If your baggage has been delayed

If you are unable to locate your baggage upon arrival, you must immediately report it to the airport Lost & Found Office prior to leaving the airport. Your baggage details will be entered into a worldwide baggage tracing system and you will be provided with a File Reference ID. Please refer to the given file locator in all communication regarding your delayed baggage.


For more information, you may contact FlyGR8 representatives at the airport where you claimed your delayed baggage (up until the 5th day of your claim).


b. How to claim First Need Expenses

We may reimburse you for reasonable first needs expenses, based on receipts, such as toiletries, underwear and if necessary, a change of clothing if your baggage is delayed to be delivered beyond 24 hours and you are not located at your permanent residence.


The compensation amount is not predefined but based on the first needs expenses occurred for every day without your baggage. Indicatively, it may be up to 40 EUR/day. Kindly be sure to ask a baggage representative for guidelines on what is (and is not) a reimbursable expense.


If you were authorized First Need Expenses, please contact FlyGR8’s Customer Service within 21 days from the date on which the baggage was placed at your disposal, having attached the following:


  • A letter including a brief summary of your claim for compensation

  • Payment receipts

  • Your World Tracer File Reference Number (e.g. HERXH12345)

  • Flight information and customers' names


Once we have located your baggage and ensured it reaches its destination airport, delivery to you will be arranged.

c. If your baggage is still missing after five (5) days

In the unlike event that the Local Airport Lost & Found Office is not able to locate your delayed baggage within five days, FlyGR8 Customer Service will take over the search and ask you to file a claim by completing a Baggage Declaration Form. This Form will be used to trace your missing baggage. For this reason, it is important to include a full description of your baggage and a detailed list of its contents.

The airport Lost & Found Office staff will provide you with our Passenger Form for Checked Baggage.

The latest, within 21 days of returning from your travels, return the completed Passenger Form for Checked Baggage, along with all supporting documentation to the following contact details:

FLYGR8 Customer Service


d. If your baggage is not located within forty-five (45) days

In the unwanted event that we have not managed to allocate your baggage within a forty-five (45) days period, in accordance with the Montreal Convention, then it is considered lost and the settlement procedure is initiated by FlyGR8’s Customer Service. A representative from Customer Service will contact you to provide you with all the necessary information related to your case.

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