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Our service for unaccompanied children allows minors aged between 5 and 12 to travel safely under the care of FlyGR8, when, in certain circumstances, they are not accompanied by their parents/guardians.

The form "Handling Advice for Minors“ (insert form link)  must be correctly completed and signed by the parents or guardians of the child in quadruplicate, indicating the name, surname, contact details and the identity document of the person who will be picking up the child on arrival. Unaccompanied children must carry valid travel documents


Accompanying adults at both departure and arrival will be required to produce proof of identity.


Please note that the parent/guardian escorting the child at check-in, is requested to remain at the airport until the flight is airborne, in case of unforeseen flight delay or   cancellation.


FlyGR8 informs you that a child's travel abroad is treated in most countries, including Greece, as an activity requiring the consent of both parents who are entitled to parental responsibility.


In some countries, the child's independent travel may need to meet other formal requirements resulting from the provisions of national legislation. In this situation, the parents/guardians must ensure that the child has the appropriate documents required by national law, valid on the day of departure.

Unaccompanied Minors needing Special Care

FlyGR8 also welcomes Unaccompanied Minors who need Special Care during the flight, when the booking is made in advance, since the child must be escorted by an additional, dedicated female crew member (UM ESCORT) flying for that purpose only.


Age or degree of disability limitations may hinder our care for the unaccompanied child, so parents are requested to contact us before booking this service.

For Unaccompanied Minor service fees please refer to our Table of Charges

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