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Each passenger is entitled to check-in one (1) hold baggage with up to a weight of 20kg and size not exceeding the total dimensions (sum of length, height and width) of 158cm.

Should the hold baggage weight exceeds 20kg or passenger wishes to check-in more than one baggage, an additional fee is paid for each kilogram of excess baggage, or each additional baggage respectively.

The maximum weight of a piece of baggage cannot exceed 32kg.

Please refer to our Table of Charges for details on fees.

The following requirements apply:

  • baggage, stowed in cargo holds, must be contained in suitcases or in other proper packaging suitable for air carriage, to assure a safe carriage;

  • baggage should be marked with a name label, or at least initials or some other individual mark, to facilitate its identification by the Passenger, if/when required;

  • any baggage with dimensions greater than the aforesaid will be considered as cargo (excess size baggage) and shall be treated and be subject to additional charges as such

The following items are not permitted as part of hold baggage:

  • banknotes and securities;

  • jewelry, noble or precious metals, as well as precious or semi-precious gemstones;

  • computers, photographic cameras, video cameras, cell phones, or any other electronic or engineering devices, their accessories, optical instruments or any other fragile items;

  • negotiable papers, deeds and any kind of document, commercial or private;

  • travel documents or other IDs;

  • keys and spanners;

  • samples;

  • medicines;

  • food;

  • works of art or any valuable artistic objects;

  • any other valuable or fragile items .


Each passenger is entitled to carry onboard one (1) piece of hand luggage in the cabin, without additional charge. The weight of such luggage must not exceed 8kg, with total dimensions (sum of length, height and width) of 115cm. In cases of infants (INF) specific exceptions apply.

The limitations on hand luggage do not include the following objects for personal use, indispensable during the travel, provided they are in good care of the passenger:

  • one average size bag of duty-free items;

  • one coat, cape or blanket;

  • one umbrella or walking stick;

  • one small camera or tablet or laptop and a cell phone;

  • reading material for the flight;

  • baby food for consumption on board;

  • a fully collapsible wheelchair (in cargo hold), in case of PRM;

  • a cradle or bassinet or child car seat, in case of carriage of small child or infant;

  • crutches or other medical equipment, provided the passenger is dependent upon them.

flyGR8 may allow other objects onboard, provided their size permit stowage in the aircraft cabin and they are neutral to flight safety and passenger comfort.

In the event of insufficient space in the cabin for stowage of hand luggage and personal items, check-in staff or cabin staff may ask passengers to hand over such hand luggages over for stowing in the aircraft hold. In such a case, the passenger should remove any valuable items, documents or electronic devices.

A list of items that the passenger’s hand luggage should not contain, as well as items that may not be brought by passengers into security restricted areas or onboard an aircraft, are included in Annex I to the General Terms and Conditions of Carriage. (insert link to Annex I)

When traveling with infant (INF) or child (CHD):

  • Infants (up to 24 months old) are entitled to one (1) hand luggage, up to 5kg, eligible for carriage onboard the aircraft cabin, to carry the food and care items necessary for the duration of their journey; as well as a collapsible stroller/pram; without any additional charge.

  • Children (from 2 to 12 years old) are entitled to one (1) checked-in baggage in the aircraft hold and one (1) hand luggage eligible for carriage onboard the aircraft cabin, without any additional charge (as a standard passenger).

  • For small children older than 2 years old, a collapsible stroller/pram may be allowed without additional charge, should such is required for the transport of the child (each case shall be reviewed on its own merit).

The following items can be carried onboard the aircraft cabin within your hand baggage:

  • Liquid items which shall be placed in containers with a maximum capacity of 100ml each. All containers must be included in a transparent, re-sealable, plastic bag with a maximum total capacity of 1 liter. Each passenger can carry only one such sealed bag and shall be subject to screening by the airport security for examination and eligibility.

  • Necessary liquids for medical or dietary purposes, as well as baby food. It is important to mention that you may be requested to prove that those liquids are essential for you to have onboard. Passengers with chronic conditions that require medication may need to anyway provide a relevant medical certificate, upon request.

  • Any products purchased from the airport stores, which should be enclosed in special sealed bags, provided by the respective shops. Such bags should not be opened before passing through security screening; as content might be confiscated at the security checkpoint. All such liquids are additional to the allowed quantities included in the re-sealable bag mentioned above.

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